Bernd Eichhorn - Working on collections, premortem bequests and bequests

I am offering the following services

  • Reworking, sorting and archiving collections, primarily containing paper material and photographs, also in accordance with specified standards;
  • Basic preserving work (cleaning, smoothing, de-ironing);
  • Setting up exportable, collection-related databases;
  • Entering collection-related information into the database created for the collection or into another (database) system;
  • Digitising documents, photographs and objects for documentation, digital processing and/or artwork;
  • Organising and monitoring microfilming of documents for long-term archiving;
  • Organising and monitoring film digitisation, such as Super-8 films;
  • Processing analog and digital footage for direct use (e.g. on DVD), including basic editing;
  • Conceptual design for securing and storing digital data;
  • Continuous support service of a collection over a longer period of time;
  • Creating finding aids;
  • Creating basic, collection-related websites;
  • Conceptual collaboration with projects such as exhibitions and publications on a collection I worked with.

Thorough working methods and careful handling of the material entrusted to me are as self-evident as discretion about the work and the content of texts, pictures and movies.

Phone: +49 163 - 8422975
Address: see Contact and Imprint

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