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Bequest of Stanley Kubrick

For the world's first Stanley Kubrick exhibition, organised by the Deutsches Filmmuseum Frankfurt am Main, I screened the estate of director Stanley Kubrick, sorted the material and made a pre-selection of exhibits for the show. All those items were photographed and information were entered into a basic database that was mailed to Frankfurt every day.

For the exhibition catalogue I wrote a little text about my time with the Kubrick family and another one about product branding in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The exhibition shows a slide show about the life of Stanley Kubrick that Georg Dietsche and I created, using private photographs from the Kubrick family.

Since then the exhibition tours around the world and after a while I returned to England, making a finer sorting of Mr. Kubrick's estate and also prepared it for its transfer to the University of the Arts London where it is accessable now.

All in all I worked nearly three years on the bequest of Stanley Kubrick. It was the collation and sorting of the material, done with my help that defined the estate as such.


"... We can highly recommend Mr. Eichhorn to any institution in need of a professional archivist with great knowledge in the area of film and cinema and interest in the arts in general. In addition to his qualification and expertise we consider one of Mr. Eichhorn's greatest assets the ability to work by himself with initiative and attention to detail." (Jan Harlan, 2007)

Newspaper article by Sabine Sasse: "Das große Packen. Wie ein deutscher Archivar der Nachlassverwalter des Filmemachers Stanley Kubrick wurde" (The big packing. How a German archivist became the person in charge of filmmaker Staney Kubrick's residue). Published in: Der Tagesspiegel, No. 19423, 8 January 2007

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