Bernd Eichhorn - Working on collections, premortem bequests and bequests

Bernd Eichhorn

Working on collections, pre mortem bequests and bequests

With more than 25 years of experience in the working on collections and development of collection databases, I can offer a comprehensive and professional work-up, development and support service for collections of nearly any kind for individuals, companies and institutions.

With this web site I want to inform you about my services, my work and mysef.

For more information please write me an e-mail, a letter (address see under Contact and Imprint) or call me: +49 163 - 8422 975.

It's easy to produce order in a room quickly. This is done by the game The Flood Comes. Each object, each book has to be put back in place so that the invading water mass does not wash away everything. How fortunate that the tide, when everything is in order, does not come.“ (Ror Wolf: Raoul Tranchirers vielseitiger großer Ratschläger für alle Fälle der Welt)

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