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Bequest of Werner Graeff

The estate of artist Werner Graeff, who died 1978, was processed by me for his widow, Ursula Graeff-Hirsch. It consists of publications, art works, films, documents, correspondence and other items. The written material was sorted and filed in legal folders, than stored in cardboard boxes. Some of the private super-8 films were digitized and compiled by me to a DVD movie.

Besides the removal of metal objects and plastic bags no other preserving work was necessary. The works of art (paintings, prints, sculptures, etc.) remained at their storage location and were photographed.

The filing system classification differs between private and professionally relevant material. As Werner Graeff not only was an artist, but also a publicist and university teacher, his professional work was subdivided. His artistic work was also subdivided by its category.

Finding aids were generated from the database entries, printed and binded to books, using the categories of Mr. Graeff's work (paintings, prints, sculptures, etc.). Each category also has an additional index volume, listing the art works according to its works number. In the actual finding aid, each object has its own page (see picture right).

In 2009, the estate was handed over to the Museum Wiesbaden.


"... In 2005 Bernd Eichhorn worked for three months in my house, to sort the estate of Werner Graeff. He arranged it by archival standards, added information to a database and compiled finding aids.
In this time I experienced Bernd Eichhorn to be very reliable and dedicated to his work. Working with him was very pleasant. He handled Werner Graeff's work of art and papers with great care. During his stay I fully trusted him and was very satisfied with his work. ..." (Ursula Graeff Hirsch, 2005)

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